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About Mishkan Shaul

Kollel Mishkan Shaul consists of two divisions: the Day Kollel, and the Kollel Erev.

From 8:00 in the morning until 6:30 in the evening, a group of 14 remarkable scholars make up the Day Kollel. With steadfast devotion, this group of educated men pours over holy texts, studying, debating, and absorbing the timeless messages of our people, full time.

As night falls, the Kollel Erev arrives. From 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m., a larger group of 30 Kollel members fill the room, each spending the night engaged in Torah learning, either with a study partner or by leading a class of local businessmen.

Each Kollel member, in both the day and evening divisions has been handpicked by Rabbi Levy and invited to join, due to his excellence in both intellectual ability and personal character.


What we do?

About Charles Serouya a"h

Born in Eretz Yisrael to Avraham & Hannah Serouya. After his father was Niftar, he moved to Aleppo, Syria. America as Charles' next stop at the young age of fourteen. Charles was a man of Emunah, strength & conviction. Despite many hardships, Charles became a pillar in the syrian community, New York. In his early years he established the first youth Minyan where he nurtured many future community Rabbis & lay leaders. His legendary community work continued throughout his lifetime, whether in congregation "share Zion" in New york, or Deal shul in New Jersey. Chales A. Serouya assed away on the 25th of Iyyar. התשס‫"‬ה Hemoticated & encouraged people to love Hashem, Torah & Mitzvot.

- Charles A. Serouya

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Dr. Jacques Doueck - NY Organization President
Born in Brooklyn NY Dr. Jacques Doueck has been a dentist serving the community since 1977. He is dedicated to keeping the values of Charles A. Serouya A”H alive. Charlie Serouya has fulfilled his mission. He has left his signature in this world, and he has left us all a legacy and a tough act to follow. those values.

- Dr. Jacques Doueck

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About the Rosh Kollel Rabbi Eliyahu Levy
Educator and leader par excellence, it is precisely for this reason that Rosh Kollel Rabbi Eliyahu Levy heads an institution of such esteem. The spiritual guide of Kollel Mishkan Shaul, Rabbi Levy adds an intuition and a talent for bringing out the best in others that induces every avreich to push to be his best.

- Rosh Kollel Rabbi Eliyahu Levy

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Mishkan Shaul Gallery

Building for the Institution

Do You Own this Building?... Leaders Act and Follow Through It was a few years ago when visitors from America came to Israel and during their visit someone told them about Mishkan Shaul. When they saw the intensity of the learning and the sterling character of Rabbi Eliyahu Levy, our Rosh Kollel and each of the 30 rabbis learning every evening they were very moved.

"Do you own this building?" It was that question that was the beginning of a focused plan to finance and see to completion construction of a new building.

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About Our Donors

A busy businessman, whose time is precious and whose dollars are hard-earned. A loving mother, who knows how hard a mother will work to provide for her child.

A child, who has been blessed with whatever he needs, and wants to give to others. From Brooklyn, Deal, Lakewood and cities all over the US…a Kollel Mishkan Shaul donor comes from far and wide. KMS donors are defined by one common factor: the shared bond of brotherhood with our brethren in Israel...

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