A Building for the Institution

Do You Own this Building?... Leaders Act and Follow Through
It was a few years ago when visitors from America came to Israel and during their visit someone told them about Mishkan Shaul. When they saw the intensity of the learning and the sterling character of Rabbi Eliyahu Levy, our Rosh Kollel and each of the 30 rabbis learning every evening they were very moved. "Do you own this building?" It was that question that was the beginning of a focused plan to finance and see to completion construction of a new building. The Bet Midrash Learning Center will be the crown jewel of our new building. In addition, a beautiful catering hall will be available at no charge for those in need. It will be ideal for a bar mitzva, bris, pidyon, engagement or even a wedding. Very often, it is impossible to have family from out of town join in the happy occasion. To alleviate this common problem, there will be a section set aside for 5 bedrooms that will serve as a place for out-of-town guests to stay.
Besides being key players in the building, David and Tzvia Wexler have donated a beautiful Sefer Torah that will have a home in the new Mishkan Shaul building.

Almost all the funding for the building has come from a few dedicated visionaries that saw the need and put a dream into action. Recently Mr. Roizman, a major donor asked, “How much will it take for us to finish construction and get into the new building?” Leaders act and follow through. With the help of Hashem we are anticipating our target date. Dedications are still available for the new building.

Our aim is to concentrate all the activities of the organization to one location next to a beis hamedrash which will accommodate the kollel erev and other framework we are planning to establish.
We sent a request to the mayor of Beit Shemesh and other authorities who are in charge of allocating plots of land for public buildings in hope of receiving a suitable area for construction. We were looking for a place where the construction would not be too expensive, therefore we requested an area on a roof of an existing public building.

Thank G-d we were answered positively and with pleasure to help such an important organization. At this point of time we have already signed the contract with the municipality of Beit Shemesh and are in the final stages of presenting the plans and receiving building permission.

In order to donate and perpetuate your name or the name of a relative on the building or part of it, please contact us and may you be blessed abundantly from the One Above.

Progression stages of construction-frame and foundations