What the Donors say about Mishkan Shaul

Our donors are just like you. Here is why real people choose to become Mishkan Shaul supporters.

Dr. Jay Rubin

I take great pride in being part of the Mishkan Shaul family. The Kollel supports Torah learning and chesed in Israel, with dignity and respect.

Ricky Semah

It’s a very big mitzvah to support our brothers in Israel who are holding up the world with their Torah study. It’s a mitzvah that I’m honored to gain.

Moshe Doueck

Why should I support a place in Israel… if I can support somewhere local? By learning Torah every evening, the Kollel Erev members with dignity earn the extra money they desperately need to put food on their tables. I stand behind their work ethic and the commitment to Torah of these kollel members and I’m proud to contribute.

Abe S.

Of course I help Mishkan Shaul. It’s all because of Charlie Serouya A’H that I pray in Minyan every day. He never gave up on me… Years ago he saw me and asked why he doesn’t see me at shul in the morning. I told him “I pray at home.” He explained the beauty of praying in shul with a minyan and he asked me for my phone number and address. He offered to wake me up and pick me up if I wanted. He was determined for me to pray with a minyan. He called me every day. He even sent me post cards. Today I am proud to say I make sure to pray in shul with a minyan and I have Charlie Serouya A’H to thank

Solomon Dabah

I feel honored to be part of Mishkan Shaul. The reason I give money for this organization is because of the dedication and passion of those in America that fundraise for Mishkan Shaul.

Danny Srour, one of many of “Charlie’s kids”

Mishkan Shaul personifies the words Torah and Hesed and our Beloved Charlie Serouya A’H . What can I tell you about Charlie Serouya A’H? The streets were our outlet for playing ball, and hanging with friends but Charlie’s Shul was our home. Charlie treated all with warmth sincerity, and watched over each of us as his own children. He kept us off the streets and in line like a drill sergeant when he had to. We grew up as Charlie’s Kids. Mishkan Shaul continues his legacy and his love for Eretz Yisrael. Our dollars support Torah learning in Israel besides giving out food and clothing. What a Zechut! Please, everyone this is close to home for me and probably half the community. “Mishkan Shaul personifies the two worlds of Torah and chesed that our beloved Charlie Serouya, a”h, dedicated his life to. Mishkan Shaul continues his legacy and love for Eretz Yisrael, so in Charlie’s merit, I am a proud Mishkan Shaul supporter.

Sonny and Sylvia Laniado

Your dedication and hard work on behalf of Torah Scholars and needy families is greatly appreciated here and all over the world. Your actions and in sync with those of Charlie Serouya A’H – just what he would do! Look at how many boys he put on the right track! Mishkan Shaul will produce Rabbis to follow in Charlie’s ways!

Jack R. Cohen

It is rare to find an organization which is run as efficiently and effectively as Mishkan Shaul. I support the organization because I am confident that every dollar of my contribution will be stretched for maximum effect to support deserving talmide hachamim.

Dr. Eli Halabi

Growing up in Syria and having been raised in an observant family, I always viewed Torah as a guidebook for everyday living. Not until I came to the U.S. and learned in yeshivah did I really understand how important Torah learning is to the very survival of the Jewish nation. I hold those who learn in Kollel on the highest pedestal, for their learning is a zechut for every Jewish soul. When I heard about Mishkan Shaul, something about their mission and their journey resonated with me. From the small outstanding group of 30 students and the close relationship they have with the dedicated selfless Rabbis, I immediately felt that this is a special Kollel with a bright future. I am astounded how far a small contribution can go for those young men and their families. They literally depend on our efforts for their survival.. Just like we depend on their learning for ours.