About the Rosh Kollel Rabbi Eliyahu Levy

Educator and leader par excellence, it is precisely for this reason that Rosh Kollel Rabbi Eliyahu Levy heads an institution of such esteem. The spiritual guide of Kollel Mishkan Shaul, Rabbi Levy adds an intuition and a talent for bringing out the best in others that induces every avreich to push to be his best.

Compassionate by nature, Rabbi Levy seeks out a relationship with each and every Kollel member. In so doing, the Rosh Kollel ensures that each avreich feels not only as if he is a cherished and valuable part of the Kollel as a whole, but also that each individual gains an address to turn to for guidance. Rabbi Levy truly views each member of his Kollel as a participant to treasure, and as a unique individual with a perspective to contribute.

With soft methods and a warm persona, Rabbi Levy intrinsically plants greater self-confidence and assurance of capability into his Avreichim. This, in turn, leads to greater intensity and achievement in Torah study.