About Our Donors

A busy businessman, whose time is precious and whose dollars are hard-earned. A loving mother, who knows how hard a mother will work to provide for her child.
A child, who has been blessed with whatever he needs, and wants to give to others. From Brooklyn, Deal, Lakewood and cities all over the US…a Kollel Mishkan Shaul donor comes from far and wide. KMS donors are defined by one common factor: the shared bond of brotherhood with our brethren in Israel.

Kollel Mishkan Shaul relies on YOU its American friends.

For many families, life in Israel presents a share of financial challenges. Even with two working parents, families often find that the astronomical prices of housing in their neighborhood create a situation where it’s impossible to make ends meet…and there is just not enough left over in the paycheck to purchase proper, healthy, filling meals. Families that uproot their lives in Jerusalem to move to a more affordable city, such as the suburb of Beit Shemesh, are often dismayed to find that even out of the main city, housing prices are still prohibitive. In recent years, over 17,000 Jerusalem residents left the city due to the housing costs – and despite this, many are still struggling today.

Living Hand to Mouth

When it takes the whole paycheck to make it through the month, families are never able to put aside some funds for a “rainy day.” During the cold winter season in Israel, the solid stone buildings – constructed to keep out the scorching Middle Eastern sun – are very chilly. Yet these families, living hand-to-mouth, cannot afford warmer clothing…and so, shiver for months, both outdoors and in.

It is through our help that these families can have some relief. Together, we have the power to clothe them warmly enough to get through the winter, and together, we can fill their plates with healthy, nourishing food.

From the largest supporter to the smallest donation, every dollar goes a long way for our brothers in Israel.
It is your help that keeps our organization running, so that together, we can help them. Without our large supporters, we could not exist…and without our small supporters, we also could not exist.