What the Rabbis say about Mishkan Shaul

During the day I work, but at any rate I cannot support my family because of the cost of living in Israel. I am able to survive, thanks to the monthly stipend that I earn at the Mishkan Shaul. It helps me and my family get through the month. Hashem should bless the donors of Mishkan Shaul for their life giving support .

Aviv Ifargan

Thank you for a loan of $ 4,000 that you gave me for six months, it helped me at the right time. With the birth of my son Meir, this loan helped me to  pay for all my expenses  calmly. Baruch Hashem , I have paid the loan with much appreciation to the donors of Mishkan Shaul.


I have been learning at the Mishkan Shaul Kollel for about eight years. My wife and I  have six children.. A few weeks before Pesah my wife's workplace  closed down. This was a  difficult economic situation for us. About a week before the holiday, we did not know where to buy food for Passover. When our Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Eliyahu Levy heard about our situation he rushed to get me the food basket, which he  gives in the  holidays, including meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, matzos, etc. He also added  an envelope he calls the "Shabbat Basket" which has vouchers for us to buy what we need for Shabbat. It Difficult to express in words how much help and happiness you gave in our house, by this donation. I would like give blessings on my behalf and on behalf of my family to the donors. May you be blessed with robust health and joyful  living.

Ofir Hadad Cohen

I have been studying for a decade in the Mishkan Shaul kollel. My wife and I have 10 children, Baruch Hashem. The financial burden to support a large family is very hard. A few months ago our washing machine broke again - this time it was not able to be be fixed. Because we could not afford a new machine we began to wash by hand . My wife and children worked very hard for several weeks to wash clothes for the 12 people in our home. .. We could not tell anyone because of the great shame. Baruch Hashemour Rosh Kollel,  Rabbi Eliyahu Levy is  always keeping an eye on  the avreichim as "I am with him in trouble". When he noticed that I seemed concerned he looked into why I was troubled. He realized I was going through hard times. He helped me get a much needed washing machine. I would like to thank all donors and all that help from the United States for all the help you give us. You have a portion in supporting  Torah scholars in the Holy Land.

Jacob Menachem

I am grateful for the help that you send every Friday, with your Shabbat basket. The chicken, fruits and vegetables fill our stomachs and the extras allow my children to have true oneg Shabbat. May all of the donors be blessed. ‘Whoever delights in the Sabbath receives an inheritance without difficulties.’ With great appreciation.

David Uzan

I wish to thank you and all the contributors for the great support. Baruch Hashem he gave me the privilege to be part of the tent of Torah, but as our sages said: Without bread there is no Torah .. Therefore, in this letter I and my family would like to thank you for the monthly stipend for being part of the Kollel. Besides that, the Shabbat food baskets are done graciously and with such kindness. May Hashem  honor and keep you and your families you and your descendants.

Barel Ben Tovim

I will never forget the first phone call that we received from you, a week before Sukkot, to let us know that you sent us a food basket. You said it would be arriving late at night, so that the neighbors shouldn’t see. Two days later, you sent someone to help clean our house. We were going through a very difficult time, as my mother was sick and I had left my job to take care of her, full-time. She was no longer able to stay in the nursing home, due to lack of funds. The thought that there were Jews who cared about us and wanted to help us was enough by itself to add joy to those dark days. After that, we continued to receive weekly food baskets and Shabbat envelopes. I would like to bless your donors: hazak u’baruch for helping the people of Israel.

Mrs. SK

My name is Rahamim Ovadia and I have been learning in Mishkan Shaul for ten years. My wife and I have ten children, and because of that, we are also fortunate to celebrate many special occasions and milestones for each one. When my son reached the age of bar mitzvah, I found it difficult to handle the financial burden. My Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Levy, heard that I was struggling and immediately made sure that the bar mitzvah boy had a beautiful new suit, as well as a new shirt, tie and hat. I cannot fully describe the joy and happiness that my son had, wearing his nice new clothing. On his special day, he felt dignified, as befit the bar mitzvah boy. “When I asked Rabbi Levy where he found the budget for this, he answered that it was because of the Mishkan Shaul donors in America. It was then I realized that sometimes, a person can change the life of someone they don’t even know.”

Rahamim Ovadia

I have a great happiness and pleasure to come and learn the holy Torah at the Kollel, with “Chedvata Deoraita.”

Pinchas Eliyahu Cohen

Combination of love and high level understanding of the Torah - this is the great success of the Kollel today.

David ElisarA

The unique form and way of this Kollel, leaded by the special person that heads it, will be cherished in the world of Torah forever.

Nisim Tuito

Thanks to the special way of the Rosh Kollel, who encourages the Avrechim to enjoy and deepen their learning.

Elkana HaCohen

I have learned in 5 Kollels, and never had such a pleasure to come and learn at the Kollel.  The special atmosphere, the productive learning and the Rosh Kollel’s kindness – thank you so much!

Aviv Ifargan