About the School

The school for girls, Bet Yaakov - Oz VeHadar, was established six years ago with the blessing of Maran Rabenu Ovadya Yosef, ztzuk”l.
The purpose of the school is to answer the needs of quality Torah observant sephardic families.
The high level of studies and the content of the learning program complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

The staff of teachers make use of their experience and their professionalism in order to develop and improve the level of learning, and tend to the emotional and physical needs of all the girls with a close knit, friendly and warm relationship with each girl. The establishment of the school helped local teachers, members of the community, get incorporated in the guidance of the school.

The school is authorized by the Ministry of Education and, thank G-d, as an institution it flourishes in the pedagogical standpoint (natural increase).

The institution is a magnet for the families who are looking for an investment in education, and has seen the blessing of a notable increase in students; it started with 14 students, and for the coming year, together with the nursery schools, will count around 200 students.
The Ministry of Education, on account of the blessed increase in students, assigned the staff of teachers with counselors and assistants.

In contrast with the success in the educational field, the physical conditions (building and equipment) of the institution is not supported by the budget in its entirety by the authorities (the Municipality and the Ministry of Education), only in part. Therefore, the building and the equipment of the school is supported by donations.
We would be very happy to count with you among our partners in continuing the establishment of this blessed institution.

Wishing you success, and may the merit of this mitzvah provide you with satisfaction from all your offspring.